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Sous Vide

  • Filet Mignon

    Filet Mignon

    A premium and tender cut of beef, prized for its exceptional tenderness and juicy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Often served as a fine dining centerpiece.
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  • Chicken Pad Thai

    Chicken Pad Thai

    A zesty noodle dance with juicy chicken, veggies, and a tamarind tango of flavors. Your taste buds' passport to Thailand!
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  • Beef Wraps

    Beef Wraps

    Succulent beef slices rolled in a wrap with fresh vegetables and condiments, creating a satisfying and portable meal.
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  • Pickles


    Cucumber slices, or other vegetables, preserved in a brine or vinegar solution, resulting in a tangy and crisp condiment.
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  • Beef Burgers

    Beef Burgers

    Classic patties made from seasoned ground beef, typically grilled or cooked to your desired level of deliciousness.
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  • Beef Quesadilla

    Beef Quesadilla

    A mouthwatering Mexican dish featuring seasoned beef, melted cheese, and tortillas, griddled until crispy. A savory and satisfying treat.
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  • Pork Ravioli

    Pork Ravioli

    Pasta pillows filled with deliciously seasoned ground pork, often served with a choice of sauces for a delightful Italian meal.
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